About me

Frank develops software and computing infrastructure for large scientific projects. At the moment he is rebuilding the system of descriptive information required to process and analyze the data of the ATLAS experiment at CERN. He also makes sure that raw data from the detector can be used for processing and analysis.

Research Interests

Particle physics has a long standing tradition of analyzing large and complex data sets. Frank is interested in computing and software developments that allow this analysis with greater ease. He would also like to apply the technologies developed in high energy physics to other research fields which are just starting to require networks of data centers to house and process their information.

Selected Publications

F Berghaus et al. High-Throughput Cloud Computing with the Cloudscheduler VM Provisioning Service. Comput. Softw. Big Sci., 4(1):4, 2020

M Barisits et al. Rucio - Scientific data management. Comput. Softw. Big Sci., 3(1):11, 2019

Selected software projects

Project Tagline
Athena The ATLAS software framework
Rucio Scientific data management
Dynafed Ultra-scalable and light weight data federation
Cloudscheduler High throughput computing in a distributed cloud environment